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Need more information on our products and other workout routines? Maybe you need help with choosing the right system, or maybe you need the P90X system right away, whatever it is, you will find it here.

Here are some great workout articles for your information.

P90X Workouts

  • There has be many questions asked about the P90X system and what it does. This article should give you a better understanding about what the p90x extreme home workout system is all about.

  • One simple question that is asked over and over, Does P90X Work?.

  • P90X is the most Extreme Home Workout system you will find. If you are tired of workout systems that fail, or never have the time to get to the gym, then P90X is a perfect fit for you. Its like having a personal trainer in your own living room!

  • P90X Coupons?

    If you are still looking for P90X coupons you might want to read this article as we address some issues and reasons why you will not find any coupons for the P90X products.

  • P90X Calendar

    One feature of the P90X system is that it comes with a calendar. If you wish to learn more about this you will want to read about our p90x calendar.

  • PX90?

    You might have heard someone close to you ask about the PX90 program, what is PX90? This is a common mistake...

  • Resistance Bands Vs Dumbells

    Resistance bands can do as much good as any dumbell set. If you are traveling and cannot take dumbells, you can always take a set of resistance bands for your workout.

  • Why The P90X Workout Routine Is So Extreme

    Suppose you found a workout that could actually transform your body in as little as 90 days? What if that workout were challenging; I mean really challenging?

Ab Workouts and Six Pack Abs

  • What Hip Hop Abs can do for you.

  • Are ab workouts right for you? Are you having troubles getting rid of that belly? Feel discouraged, like you are going nowhere with your abs? You might feel relieved that Hip Hop Abs was created just for you.

  • The No Crunch Ab Solution with Hip Hop Abs

  • Simple Moves That Give You Great Abs

    In order to show off your abdominal muscles you must first burn the fat that is hiding them. This can be accomplished with cardio, and simple exercises that work your abdominal region.

Turbo Jam Workouts

  • Looking to stay fit with our workout programs? Then read about what Turbo Jam has to offer you before you buy it anywhere else. Maybe you haven't tried Turbo Jam Maximum Results? If you have those pesky few pounds that just won't drop off, then zap them with this workout routine! Try Turbo Jam Maximum Results, an exercise program from home that is focused on burning fat while maintaining a healthy body.

  • How Addicting can Turbo Jam really be? Learn what Turbo Jam is all about and see if its the right workout for you.

Slim In 6 Workouts

  • The Slim in 6 workout routines will give you fast results, toning your body in just 6 weeks. Of course it all depends on the particular person, but with some effort you will have the body of your dreams!

Get The Best Beachbody

  • How do you get the best Beachbody before summer arrives. Don't get caught wearing long pants and baggy shirts to hide those unwanted, unseen extra pounds.

  • All the P90X Info you need.

Weight Loss Programs

Workouts From Home

  • Home Workout Safety

    Although you are working out in your own home there are still safety tips that you should remember in order to lower or avoid injury.

  • Is A Home Gym Really Worth It?

    Many people wonder if a home gym is worth the expense and the energy. The answer to this question will depend on whether you like working out in a gym or not.

  • Hiring A Fitness Trainer For Home

    Because of the popularity of the home gyms, many fitness trainers offer, in-home programs. This is a great way to make sure that you, stay with a workout routine and that you have help when you need it.

  • Finding The Time To Exercise At Home.

    Most of us are aware that we need to participate in some type of physical exercise, on a regular basis. However, the majority of us complain that there is simply not enough time to exercise.

  • The Man Behind Home Workouts - Tony Horton

    There are few people who actually enjoy working out. Far too many people are willing to complain about their gut while making excuses for why they cannot work out. However, Tony Horton has pieced together ingenious home exercise programs that have even the most skeptical person reconsidering working out.

Nutrition, Health & Eating Right

  • Proper Nutrition Can Boost Your Workout

    Although diet is an important part of weight loss and weight maintenance, your body still needs the proper fuel to burn the bad stuff

  • Staying Hydrated

    Water is important to our bodies. Two thirds of the human body is made up of water, but sometimes it is easy for us to forget to drink enough. There are several advantages of drinking water. For starters water helps our bodies to metabolize stored fat.

  • Rest Is Important

    The excitement of a new fitness routine and the concept of sculpting that perfect body is motivating, but rest is a crucial element as well.

Yoga, Stretching & Strength Training

  • Strike That Pose - Yoga

    Think Yoga is only for women, think again. Practicing yoga not only has physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. Yoga is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being.

  • The Importance Of Stretching

    One of the major benefits of stretching is the reduced risk of injury when you take the time to stretch before a workout. When you stretch your muscles you are lengthening your muscles in order to increase muscle flexibility and range of motion.

  • The Benefits Of Strength Training

    It is a common misconception that strength training only adds bulk to your body. Adding strength training to your workout routine can help to tone and shape selected muscle groups as well as increasing flexibility. It also helps to strengthen bones, which can help prevent osteoporosis.

  • The Power Stands Push Up Bars

    The push up is one exercise that works several muscles in the body. While performing push ups you work the chest, back, abs, triceps and legs.

  • The Importance Of Warming Up And Cooling Down

    It is very important when you are getting back into shape that you remember to warm up and cool down. Stretching is a part of getting started with your warm up, but it isn't the whole part of what you need to do.

  • Important Features Of An Exercise Program

    Every individual who has their own exercise program only hopes that it will be both safe and effective. However, how can you be sure that your exercise program has this combination? Any exercise routine should include some type of muscular strengthen training, aerobic exercise, endurance conditioning, as well as some type of flexibility exercise.

  • Benefits With Flexibility Training

    Many women participate in cardiovascular endurance training every week as a way for them to burn extra fat. Aerobic exercise is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system.

Cardio and Resistance Training

  • How Should You Get Your Cardio

    There is a common misconception that you should get all of your cardio for the day done at one time. However, if you are strapped for time, and can not squeeze in 45 minutes in one workout, break it up into smaller sessions.

  • How To Properly Use Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands are made from hollow tubing. They come in a variety of tension and resistance levels, and can be used by most people.

  • Why Should You Exercise?

    Research has proven that regular exercise has many overall health benefits. In addition to significantly increasing life expectancy, regular exercise can also help to prevent certain health conditions and diseases.

  • How To Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

    Heart rate monitors have been an important tool for many fitness enthusiasts. The monitor serves as a guide to be able to achieve the optimum heart rate to lose weight, build muscles or improve overall health.

Other Fitness Articles

  • Setting Your Goals

    Making the decision to get in shape and stay in shape is wonderful, but it is important to think about how you set your goals.

  • Equipment Needed To Get Ripped

    There are a number of different types of workout equipment you will want to purchase for your home. Keep in mind each of the different kinds of equipment that is listed in this article to help you stay fit and healthy.

  • How Long Should A Child Exercise?

    Years ago this question was never asked because children went out and played very hard everyday. They were able to use their yards and their neighborhoods to get the best workout possible.

  • Build Your Abs With A Medicine Ball.

    Many individuals feel that the most versatile piece of exercise equipment is the medicine ball, which is also known as the stability ball. It does look like an overgrown beach ball, but it is an effective fitness tool.

  • Using A Personal Trainer For Maximum Results.

    Every day we hear and see how the rich and famous are being personally trained, by their own personal trainers. Many of these personal trainers have made themselves rich as well as famous by training other people.

  • Getting Your Children To Participate In Strength Training

    In the past, parents as well as physical education teachers have shied away from any type of strength training for children. However, recent research studies show how effective strength training can be for children.

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